Supported by UCL Global Engagement and the UCL-Osaka University Strategic Partnership Fund, our study aims to learn about parents’ decisions to get vaccinated for themselves and for their children and how this impacts their mental health.

What we learn will help us better support parents with young children in the UK and Japan – as COVID vaccinations continue to roll-out globally.

Our Research Aims

Rates of Vaccine Acceptance

We aim to investigate the prevalence rates for vaccine acceptance in parents and underage children in the UK and Japan


Based on the in-depth interview responses, we aim to explore the reasons, barriers and challenges behind parent’s decision to vaccinate themselves or their children (e.g., distrust, vaccine production, safety/side-effects, low-risk perception)

Compare & Contrast

We aim to investigate potential similarities and differences between the UK and Japan vaccine hesitancy reasoning.


We aim to address vaccine hesitancy through co-produced materials (e.g., guidelines, text, case study vignettes) with parents/children that could help improve vaccine acceptance rates for key stakeholders (e.g., families, children, school leaders, policymakers, experts)

What are your thoughts about COVID-19 vaccines?

Tell us what matters to you when making vaccination decisions for yourself and your children.

Contribute to ongoing UK-Japan public health policies by replying to contact@vaxpacstudy.com


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Photo by Rodolfo Clix on Pexels.com